Your Soulmate Is Waiting. Find Them!

Love School can connect you with your Matchmakers: The team of Angels that will help YOU create the Soulmate you desire.

You JUST Need To ASK For Help

You are not alone. We are here to help. All you need to do is ask.

The Love School program will introduce you to your divine guides – the team of Angels, here to help you create the Soulmate. Yes create them! That is within your power.

Your heart is pulling you towards reconnecting with your Soulmate, the Angels will help you reunite. With their guidance you can avoid the barriers standing between you and your Soulmate.

These powerful lightworkers can help you transform your LOVE life. And the Love School gives you the power to access them. Join Love School Now!

Dismiss fear. DECIDE to create the life you want out of LOVE

Find True Love With The AngelsWe all have fears in life. When it comes to intimate relationships, those fears can be terrifying. For example, you may be afraid…

For example, you may be afraid…

  • To open yourself fully and be completely vulnerable with another person
  • That you will repeat unhealthy patterns in your next relationship
  • You may experience the heartache you felt in a previous relationship
  • That whomever comes into your life, may disrupt the greatness you’ve created

Fear is normal. Yet, we often stay in our comfort zone and ignore our heart.

Love School teaches you how to OVERCOME FEAR, open your heart and allow the Angels to guide you. JOIN LOVE SCHOOL.

Welcome to Love School:

How to Work with the Angels to Locate Your Soulmate

Love School is a self-guided online course containing six Love Lessons. Each lesson provides videos, integrative exercises, and powerful Angel prayers.

Find True Love With The Angels In Love School



How Love School will help you locate your Soulmate:

You CHOOSE to create the life you want out of LOVE.

This is an integrative approach – working with the Angels in all aspects of your life. When it comes to taking action in your love life, they will help you differentiate between your voices of fear and those of loving guidance. The Angels will empower you to move forward and make positive changes in all aspects of your life.

All you have to do is ASK.

  • You’ll experience the highest vibration of PURE LOVE energy in this sacred space…
  • The Angels help you do the healing and open you to receive a Soulmate.
  • Your intuition will grow stronger; your heart will speak louder.
  • You will hear and be able to discern your soul’s guidance above the voices of fear.
  • You will be tasked with heart-centered action towards your desire for partnership.
  • Expect MIRACLES to happen!

Love School is about healing. It is about opening, learning how to listen, and how to take Spirit-led action according to the loving guidance within and around you.

“Love School has graced me with hope, faith and more courage than I ever dreamt possible. This healing process and guidance prepared me for that a special someone, I thank you.”

– Lindsay Rose

Here is a Glimpse of What You’ll Experience in Love School…


Learn to Live Aligned with the Laws of the Universe

Love School will teach you how to open your heart and mind to guidance. You will learn how a Soulmate relationship feels and how to live those feelings and open yourself to love. You will become a powerful magnet drawing Soulmate love to you. The following is just a hint of what you will get when you join Love School:


You will learn how to make your Love Life a Top Priority. This Welcome Module teaches you how to call up on your Guardian and his team of Angels to help you focus on the priority of LOVE.


You will develop a clear, TRUE understanding of who you are as Spiritual Being. In this place of lightness and pure LOVE, you will re-connect to your SOUL, your Spirit, and your heart enabling you to recognize and attract your Soulmate.


You will learn open up your heart, clear barriers to love, and guide you to receive abundance in your Love Life.You’ll be guided through exercises to clear your mind of all barriers to Soulmate love teaching you to ask how to ask for help along your life’s journey.


You will discover how to BE LOVE. Rather than focus on creating lists of qualities for what you want in a partner, you will take an honest look at who you are BEING. BE LOVE is a practical lesson on how the Law of Attraction making you into a Soulmate magnet..


Here you will focus on beaming your LOVE outwards so your warmth, compassion, and energy can be felt by others. You will practice listening and taking heart-centered ACTION – the practical tools for preparing your life to receive your Soulmate.


You have earned your LOVE wings and are ready for lift off! We help you plan an Open Heart Party to celebrate your readiness for Soulmate Love. You will continue to work with the Angels to ask for Soulmate signs as your partner draws near.

Who Will Benefit from Love School…

  • You desire a deep, connected, love? Love School is for you.
  • You are a loving, kind and generous soul. Love School is for you.
  • You value a deep connection with people. Love School is for you.
  • Your soul’s growth is a life priority. Love School is for you.
  • You take responsibility for what you create. Love School is for you.
  • You are willing to work to improve your LOVE life. Love School is for you.

If any of this resonates with you, you are in the right place. Become a student of Love School today, and begin the complete spiritual transformation to find pure love.

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Say YES to working with the Angels to locate your Soulmate and you’ll get:

  • 6 Robust Training Modules with 29 lesson videos that demystify the journey into Soulmate love with proven, heart-based insights and techniques for true healing and transformation
  • 30 Worksheets and Resource Guides in gorgeously styled, downloadable and printable PDFs
  • 16 Angel Prayer Cards and MP3 Audio Prayers
“Since starting Love School I’ve noticed huge shifts in my life. I am so happy and I feel empowered, filled with love, gratitude and hope as I await my Soulmate!”
Find True Love With The Angels In Love School

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satisfaction-guarantee-greyYou have a full 30 days to preview Love School. During that time if you decide we’re not right for you, you’re eligible for a full and prompt refund, no questions asked!

What is it like to work with Love School?

It’s like having your own team of Archangels!

We tend to think of Angels as gentle, calm and quiet. In Love School, you’re calling on help from the Archangels. They are strong, efficient and have a limitless capacity to propel you forward in life.

Your team of Angels are going to be guiding you through each step along your Love School journey. And, if you are open, you will feel changes in yourself and in your entire life once you start working with these powerful Lightworkers.

Embrace Your Divine Power to Bring Your Soulmate Into Your Life

This is not about chance. Through every thought, choice and action, you have created the life you now live. What we think, we create. Who we are, we attract. These are unwavering laws of the Universe.

The beauty is we are all the ultimate creators of our reality. With the help of Love School, you have the POWER to bring your Soulmate into your life. Love School gives you the tools to live your life in alignment with your soul’s path. You will be empowered to take loving (rather than fear-based) action.

Love School’s role is to act as a loving Coach. I am here to lead you back to a state of REMEMBERING who you truly are: a spiritual being having a human experience.

Miracles happen when you live life from this heart-centered, Spirit-led place.


A Heartfelt “Welcome” from the Founder

How I Connected with the Angels to Help You Locate Their Soulmate

Find True Love With The Angels In Love School with Robin ArnoldDear Soul Friend,

My name is Robin Arnold, and I am the creator of Love School and your ally on this journey.

You may wonder how I’ve come to a place in my life where I understand and now practice living the laws of the Universe. How did I come to this place of continuously working with my Angels and Spirit team?

My life was turned upside down when my twin brother, who I am deeply connected with, passed suddenly. The miracle is: Reece′s passing cracked my heart painfully open.

Reece visited me in Spirit just 48 hours after leaving his body. I recognized his energy, his voice and his words immediately. He assured me he was happy, in peace, he was with our loved ones. He said he would be with me whenever I thought of him. This remains true today.
While communicating with Reece, I started seeing Angels.

Reece and the Angels became my Spiritual Teachers. One valuable lesson I have learned through Reece’s passing is that his transition into Spirit was an integral part of my soul’s growth.

Before incarnating into this life and our family as twins, we agreed he would pass and then teach me about the Spirit world. Our souls agreed that he would re-introduce me to my team of Angels, the Archangels and ultimately help me reconnect to my Spirit, my intuition and all-loving Source.
My life and my business are now a reflection of my deep FAITH in God/Source, the Angels, Spirit and LOVE.

When I began coaching clients as a Professional Matchmaker, I began teaching them to be proactive rather than reactive. And as I began to work closely with the Angels, and to transform myself in these ways as well, I began attracting people who were ready to take responsibility for their lives. They were focused on moving forward, rather than living in the past.

By following the Love School Philosophy, these men and women were manifesting miracles. Many have attracted their Soulmates into their lives. This is the place Love School can take you.

I trust that if you decide to join the Love School classroom, we are meant to work together.

Much love,
Robin Arnold

P.S. Click here to join Love School and locate your Soulmate