Find True Love With The Angels

I’m so glad you’re here.

The fact that you are at this place at this time means that you are open to finding true soulmate LOVE. I am excited to be joining you and supporting you on your journey to find true love with the angels.

My name is Robin Arnold. I am a Love Coach and the creator of Love School. I started out as a Professional Matchmaker in Victoria, BC, helping women just like you find their soulmate. Now I work closely with Source and the loving Angels in my life and business. I am here to help you connect to their guidance and healing power to dissolve all barriers to love and call in your soulmate.

My business as Love Coach is now solely on teaching others to become the soulmate they want to attract. It’s not what you are seeking, but what you must be in order to attract like energy into your life. I work with Angels and Source in all areas of my life and can help others connect and tap into this loving assistance available to us all.

As you begin your journey here with us at Locate Your Soulmate, let’s start with the 7 empowering principles of our Love School Philosophy (to the right).

Step 1: Check out our favorite blog posts and get familiar with Love School

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…AND if you want to hear testimonials from some of the wonderful ladies I have been fortunate to work with, please visit here.

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Step 3: Begin working with the Angels to change your LOVE life

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Here at Love School we often reference heterosexual relationships. However this is not meant to limit or exclude Soulmate relationships between same-sex couples. We believe that Love is inclusive. Love is Love. And we welcome all those seeking Soulmate Love.