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Jessica Found True Love With The Angels“Since starting Love School I’ve noticed huge shifts in my life. My heart has softened and I’ve recognized and released some hidden toxic beliefs I had regarding love. My relationships up until now, were clearly showing me how little I valued myself and how fearful of men I truly was. I was attracting men into my life who were reflecting that inner unworthiness and fear back to me. I needed to take better care of myself, drop fear and heal childhood wounds that were causing me to close my heart.

At this point in my journey, I am taking better care of myself, treating myself with more love, respect and kindness and have learned to say no when my heart is not in it. I’ve even had several men ask to take me out recently and I politely declined because I knew in my heart I wasn’t ready and it just didn’t feel right.

The old me would have totally disregarded my feelings and would have said yes so I didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings. I’m listening to my heart and standing in my power. This is huge for me!!

In one of the lessons, Robin talks about how we can move through the healing work quickly and effectively when working with love and the spiritual realms. Miracles happen at this level. We don’t need to go through years of therapy of unraveling our past love experiences! To hear that perspective was so liberating.. and the work I’ve done in Love School truly feels liberating and miraculous!

The greatest learning that has come of my work in the course so far has been that I needed to forgive my dad and how he has treated me over the years. This was not obvious to me because the men that have come into my life have not been anything like him but the end result was still the same, they had all treated me with very little respect and as if i was worthless. From my father, it was because I am not part of his religion and have been basically shunned. And from the men I dated, it was through the lying, yelling, controlling and aggressive behaviors that they reflected unworthiness and fear back to me.

Sitting here today, half way though Love School, I am so happy and much lighter in all ways. The areas that came up for healing were affecting not only my love life but other areas as well. And there is also a sense of safety as my spiritual team and Angels are surrounding me, helping me along this love journey. Today I feel empowered, filled with love, gratitude and hope!

Thank you so much Robin, Angels and Love School! I am eternally grateful you have graced my path.”


Jessica Ross

Jessica Found True Love With The Angels“I decided to take the Love School course after the end of my 10 year marriage. I was feeling what I am assuming most people do after the end of a long term relationship… “I haven’t dated in over 10 years! I’m old now! I have a kid! What do I do now? How do I date? Everything is so different now!” But there was more, I also had a lot of fear of letting anyone in too. I’d been hurt very badly and knew that I could take some time to myself for a while and then jump back into the dating world again like most people but that idea didn’t feel quite right.

I had to do something different. A pattern had emerged in the men I dated over the years. In fact, they all looked different on the outside, different packages and even acted differently in the beginning yet each relationship all ended up the same! And that energy and relationship dynamic was not working for me anymore, I was tired, exhausted and could not handle one more relationship like it. I knew I had to work on my own energy. I needed to heal my own inner wounds and clear out the energy that was creating this romantic reality so I could attract something different.

When Love School opened I new I had to join, it was just what my soul needed, all in perfect Divine timing. I loved each module and took my time through the process. It is self paced and I could have sailed through it like I’ve done with other online courses but knew that this one I needed to really take my time and be present with my process. I felt guided the entire time and spent about 3 months in the Deep Healing and Be Love modules. They definitely brought to light some issues I needed to work through. But working with the Angels helped to soften the whole healing process, it felt beautiful and light, which typically doesn’t equate with healing but it was different, easier. And looking back on it now, it was beautiful and quite miraculous.

Today I stand before you to say that I feel lighter, more love and beauty in my life than ever before. Although I have not crossed paths with my soulmate as of today, I can sense him energetically. I’ve called him in through this work in Love School along with the help of my Angels. And we will find our way to each other all in Divine timing and I’m so excited for this next part of my journey! I have complete faith and knowing that good things await.

I know that if I had not taken Love School, I’d still be sitting here filled with lots of anxiety about letting another man into my life. Wondering if I’d ever meet a “nice guy,” and being held hostage by fear, without the courage or energy to let anyone in. So with that, I’m so grateful to be where I’m at now, with love, faith and strong divine guidance in my life.

I recommend this course to anyone who wants to open their heart, to make a real change in their romantic life, and to attract exactly what it is that their soul is looking for. Working at the energetic and spiritual levels create amazing, beautiful miracles and I’m so happy to be a part of it! The energy in the material and coming through Robin in the videos is so beautiful and loving, it’s definitely touched by Angels. I feel so blessed to have connected with Robin and the Angels in this Love School of life.”

Thank you Robin!

Thank you Angels!

Lindsay Rose

Carmen Spagnola, creator of the Numinous Podcast, speaks with Lindsay Rose, a student of Love School. Listen as she speaks about her experience with Love School, finding wholeness, and loving herself. We love hearing what she’s learned from Love School!

Read Lindsay’s Testimonial:

Find True Love With The Angels“I am a soulful woman on a spiritual journey and it only makes sense to align myself with that same caliber of energy when it comes to welcoming love and a new relationship into my life. After my last break up, I felt devastated, depleted, and in a way, desperate to fill that space of loneliness that had opened up with that loss.

Love School has graced me with hope, faith and trust that EVERYTHING I am worthy and deserving of is truly out there and attainable. I have gained more confidence and courage than I ever dreamt possible through this healing process and your teaching and guidance. I developed the most beautiful and soulful relationship with myself, and know it’s going to be a special someone who will match my higher vibration. I know that “He + We” are worth every ounce of time, money and effort that I have invested into Love School. From the bottom of my soulful heart, I thank you.”

-Lindsay Rose

Robin’s Interview with THEO

Experience the Vibration of the Angels

Have you ever worked with Archangels?

Sheila Gillette, a very gracious and talented woman, channels a collective of Archangels named THEO.

This is a portion of a recent conversation I had with THEO on the secret to manifestation and how to attract Soulmate LOVE.

Before you listen, please be sure you are in a quiet space. Turn off your ringer and ask your Guardian Angel to put a “Do Not Disturb” bubble around you for the next 7 minutes. Take three deep breaths and welcome THEO in. You may notice THEO’s energy enter the space.

The Archangels are master healers. They operate on the highest vibration of pure, unconditional LOVE. Be open. Receive this LOVE. You will be positively affected by this high frequency on an energetic, soul level. THEO communicates with clarity and simplicity. There’s no beating around the bush, only direct Truth.

Get ready for pure gold.

Robin’s Interview with Myrna

I met Myrna in January 2013, when I was working as a Professional Matchmaker. The spirit of this women is amazing; her joyful attitude has attracted the soulmate she desired. She shares her gifts of forgiveness, faith and manifestation with me. May you enjoy this Divine love story.